When manufacturing our products, all of them made in our U.S. facilities, we rely on best practices and top-shelf equipment. Sprinturf uses the latest in extruders; cutting-edge, high-precision dosing systems; high-speed tufting machines; and a dedicated urethane coater. We also have polyethylene and nylon-thatch capabilities.


The durability of your turf field starts with the quality of the fibers—specifically, the resin and the proper dosing of the UV-protection package. We use the highest-quality C8 and metallocene resins, applied with the most accurate dosing systems to meet our stringent quality standards. For more than two decades, 100% of our fiber for sports fields has been extruded by American workers at our Dadeville, Alabama, facility. We have a state-of-the-art lab where nearly a dozen physical properties are tested and verified throughout the production process.


The next step in the manufacturing process involves the twisting of yarn to prepare it for the tufting process and to ensure that it “blooms” properly during the installation to secure the infill and provide a pleasing aesthetic. Sprinturf’s equipment and process produce a consistent twist and appearance for every field we produce.


All synthetic turf systems are tufted in Chatsworth, Georgia, where the company maintains a lab for testing the turf for durability and performance.


Using a cutting-edge automated coating line which is overseen by our extensive quality monitoring systems, all of our synthetic turf systems are flawlessly coated in the Chatsworth facility. 

Made in the U.S.A


Chatsworth Facility

Our ISO9001-2015-certified Chatsworth facility, featuring high-speed tufting machines as well as a urethane coater, is where our turf systems, including the industry-leading Predator turf, are fabricated. Our patent-pending ProFlow™ coating, which prevents perforations in the backing, is also applied for non-athletic applications.


Dadeville Facility

The company’s fiber-extrusion facility in Dadeville, Alabama, which has operated continuously since 2002, houses state-of-the-art monofilament and slit-tape extrusion. The facility also houses the latest STC-Spinnzwirn extruders for monofilament, including two color/two shape monofilament fibers. The latest generation of Starlinger extruders for slit-tape applications are used here too.

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