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Sprinturf’s superior turf systems feature the highest quality products the industry has to offer. With increased durability, improved fiber resilience, exceptional playability and eye-catching aesthetics, our systems set the standards for strength and longevity in the industry. Upgrade to the latest innovations in artificial turf products with our advanced products.

Sprinturf is committed to providing exceptional customer service and support. If you have any questions about our products or services, we encourage you to reach out to us. Our team is available to assist you by phone or email. Don't hesitate to contact us - we are here to help you in any way we can!

Predator™ / Dual Fiber—Football


Apex™ monofilament fibers, combined with our proprietary SharkTooth™ slit-film fibers, provide increased durability, improved fiber resilience and exceptional playability. Predator™ is ideal for football because it is exceedingly durable—a necessity for frequently used fields. The product also prevents infill flyout, which adds to player safety by preventing infill migration.

  • The Apex monofilament fiber is 380 microns, diamond-shaped and ridged to reduce field sheen
  • The Predator Natural™ turf system by Sprinturf® features our new Apex™ monofilament fibers
  • 200,000 cycles on the Lisport
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Sprinturf UltraBlade’s parallel, long-slit fibrillated fibers are most commonly used in fields built in the United States that are more than 10 years old. Ultrablade® is ideal for multiuse fields because of its proven reliability—an important consideration for owners of facilities wanting to maximize the value of their financial investment. Great performance for the greatest variety of sports.

  • Sprinturf’s parallel, long-slit fibrillated fibers are featured in most fields in the nation over 10 years old
  • Over 250 fields have been installed with Ultrablade since 2006 alone
  • Ultrablade routinely passes 100,000+ cycles on Lisport accelerated testing
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Grandslam Extreme™ and GrandSlam™—Baseball


Ideal for baseball, Sprinturf’s GrandSlam turf systems provide a dense, low-pile surface that ensures predictable ball bounce and ball roll while delivering the aesthetics of the most meticulously maintained grass surface. The products come in a variety of configurations,  offering different performance characteristics for different sections of the field. As an added bonus, NaturalCool™ infill can be added to the GrandSlam Extreme™ turf system to lower surface temperatures without the use of water.

  • The combination of monofilament and parallel-fibrillated fibers interlock to significantly reduce infill flyout
  • The two-color configuration offers stunning aesthetics
  • Unmatched durability with exceptional resilience, playability and safety
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UltraBlade DFE Extreme™


Featuring cutting-edge, dual-fiber technology, Ultrablade DFE Extreme is a top-performing turf solution. The Ultrablade™ parallel, long-slit fiber provides a dense canopy and exceptional durability, making it an excellent choice for soccer and lacrosse. Additionally, the combination of fibers helps to reduce infill flyout, while the dual-fiber system creates a consistent playing surface that ensures predictable ball action.

  • DFE Extreme fields feature a 330 micron+ monofilament and a 120 micron+ slit film
  • Sprinturf DFE Extreme fields feature two unique polymer technologies
  • C8 monofilament resins from Dow and Nova are married to a proprietary metallacene slit film resin from Exxon
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Sharkstooth™ – Indoor


Sprinturf is the sole manufacturer in the Western Hemisphere of the singular SharkTooth™ fiber-slitting technology, which provides a longer-lasting, better-looking playing surface than its competitors. With its exceptional durability and resemblance to real grass, SharkTooth™fiber technology is optimal for indoor sports.

  • Sprinturf is the sole manufacturer of the SharkTooth™ technology in the Western Hemisphere
  • 100,000 cycles on the Lisport
  • 120 micron fiber thickness for maximum durability
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