Shock Pads

Shock pads help absorb player impact, promote drainage and prevent the stretching and misshaping of Sprinturf’s turf products.

ShockDrain 580™


ShockDrain 580™ is a shock-attenuation pad installed under the surface of synthetic turf. An economic alternative to other pads, this product offers maximum permeability to facilitate optimum drainage. Best of all, ShockDrain’s shock-absorption properties improve player safety.

ProPlay™ Pad


ProPlay™ provides superior dimensional stability, which prevents the turf’s backing from stretching, shrinking or moving while offering horizontal, diagonal and vertical stability to keep the field in place. ProPlay™also enhances player safety.

Elastic Layer


An elastic layer (E-layer) provides dimensional stability and shock attenuation to any playing surface.

Brock Pad


Brock pads offer the appropriate balance between shock attenuation and field firmness. Moreover, by installing drain holes and channels, the Brock Pad provides excellent permeability and rapid drainage, even during powerful storms.

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