Design Build Services

From site evaluation and excavation to implementing a base layer, Sprinturf offers a range of design-build services to ensure your turf system is installed properly and effectively.

  • Site evaluation
  • Excavation and draining
  • Impermeable liner/geotextile fabric
  • Drainage 
  • Permeable base layer
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  • Site Evaluation

    Site Evaluation

    Upon selection of the site for the playing field, a competent testing laboratory should evaluate the overall soil conditions and drainage properties of the location.

    Test boring should take place throughout the site at a minimum of nine locations.

  • Excavation & Grading

    Excavation & Grading

    During excavation all grass, topsoil, debris, etc., should be stripped, in their entirety, and stockpiled in pre-selected areas where it will not interfere with the work (or disposed of off site).

    All other excavated soil should, depending on its overall properties, be hauled away, or put aside for possible use as

  • Impermeable Liner/Geotextile Fabric

    Impermeable Liner/Geotextile Fabric

    Liner shall be UV resistant and shall have the following average properties (values from individual rolls should not vary from these values by more than +/- 10%)

  • Drainage


    Install 8"-to-12"-diameter, perforated HDPE, smooth-walled interior, corrugated pipes in the perimeter collector trenches.

    Each header should be designed to handle the maximum rainfall in that particular location.

  • Permeable Base Layer

    Permeable Base Layer

    Dual Lift System
    The most common system used today is a Dual Lift System. Processed aggregate shall be placed over the entire base, which has been covered with the moisture barrier or geotextile and the composite drain system.

    Single Lift System
    Uniformly mixed processed stone shall be placed over the entire base, which has been covered with the moisture barrier orgeotextile and the composite drain system.



When inseams tear, infill becomes scarce, and the turf fiber has degraded, it’s time to replace the field with Sprinturf.

Sprinturf can also reuse the existing field for future ones. The infill can be used in the new field or can be used for other complexes. The turf, depending on condition, can also be used for dog runs and small businesses.

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SprintCare is a maintenance program that ensures your field receives the proper care in order to provide maximum safety for athletes. By enrolling in the program, we guarantee your field will last well past its normal replacement cycle.

During a routine maintenance procedure, Sprinturf cleans the field and redistributes the infill. To alleviate compaction and reinvigorate the field, our crew members brush the field, which they carefully inspect and, if need be, repair seams, numbers and logos. The crew tests infill depth and recommends remediation. At an additional cost, Sprinturf evaluates the field’s safety through Gmax testing. Upon completion, we provide owners with a detailed written report outlining our findings.

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Purchasing Cooperatives

A purchasing cooperative is a service offering affordable pricing through prequalified suppliers. Cooperatives follow state laws that require competitive bidding and allow customers to legally use a contract procured by another government entity. As a service to our customers, Sprinturf has completed the pre-bidding process. You can find our products available through Costars, GSA, TIPS, CMAS, AEPA, ESCNJ and Buy Board.

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Go Green

Sprinturf now offers Go Green, a cooperative purchasing service enabling members to secure high-quality products at a competitive price in as little as four weeks.

The public bid process can be lengthy – anywhere from four to 24 months – and often forces bidders to settle for undesirable products. By using a cooperative model, Go Green reduces the amount of time typically spent managing the solicitation and generation of new contracts. The cooperative contracts provide a price ceiling, expediting negotiations and making sure you receive the product that’s best suited for you.

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