Sprinturf offers a variety of infill options to meet your specific needs.



GreenPlay® is a proven organic infill option that enables synthetic turf fields to look, feel and perform like natural grass. The infill helps reduce the temperature on the field and mimics a natural playing surface. There’s a reason GreenPlay is one of the most frequently used infills – since 2006 the product has exceeded all standards related to performance.



NaturalCool™ is 100% naturally processed, chemical-free coconut coir fiber, and the only non-granular infill on the market. Because it absorbs moisture from the air, NaturalCool requires no water. The highly durable material – which is also 100% biodegradable – maintains a natural grass temperature and doesn’t abrade turf fibers like other granular infills.

Crumb Rubber


Crumb Rubber has been the industry-standard infill for more than two decades. Made from environmentally safe recycled rubber products, the material is used to enhance the performance and feel of synthetic turf fields. Installed in roughly 12,000 fields in the United States, Crumb Rubber is often chosen for its longevity, safety, low-maintenance requirements and relative low cost.



A premium mixture of crumb rubber and sand infill, Rubber/Sand is a great alternative to other infill options. Proven as a high-performing infill and popular for its clean, natural look, this infill also gets high marks for resisting compaction.

ChillFill™ and CoolCap™


When combined with CoolFiber, our ChillFill™ infill reduces surface temperatures by up to 30%, making it an excellent and environmentally-friendly alternative to traditional black crumb rubber infill. By encapsulating the rubber in a green coating, ChillFill™ improves the safety and performance of athletes competing in extreme heat.

Sprinturf’s patent-pending CoolCap™ system incorporates a layer of ChillFill™, using a different gauge on top of an ambient rubber layer, thus providing the aesthetics and benefits of ChillFill™ at a fraction of the cost.



TPE, or thermoplastic elastomer, is an extruded composite infill that is designed for optimum elasticity and compressibility. Available in multiple colors, TPE is considered a durable, fade-resistant and 100% recyclable infill option. The product offers consistent performance and safe Gmax levels.



EPDM, or ethylene propylene diene monomer, is a polymer elastomer that is highly resistant to abrasion and wear. Manufactured from raw material, which removes the stigma of being a recycled product, EPDM is sized more uniformly than recycled rubber, making it a viable alternative to traditional ambient rubber infill. What’s more, EPDM’s proven durability is suitable in any climate.



Sprinturf’s cork infill is a natural, non-toxic product that is sustainably harvested from cork and oak trees. The benefits include a highly resistant product with a natural coloration that helps lower the temperature on the playing surface. This infill is a recyclable product that’s great for any field.



BrockFILL™ is an engineered wood-particle infill that improves traction and reduces the temperature on the turf. The all-natural material lends itself to an all-natural aesthetic.



Envirofill® is a round sand that is coated and infused with Microban®, a permanent antimicrobial technology. Backed with a 16-year warranty, Envirofill has earned a reputation as an effective, high-performing, and long-lasting infill that boasts a natural appearance and resists compaction.



Safeshell® is the low maintenance organic infill option made of 100% USA-grown walnut shells. Through a patent-pending process, the residual allergens from the nut are thoroughly removed from Safeshell. Safeshell excels at reducing surface heat, creating a firm and fast surface, and ensures peace of mind for all.

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