A purchasing cooperative is a type of arrangement that offers affordable pricing through prequalified suppliers. These cooperatives follow state laws that require competitive bidding and allows them to legally use a contract that was procured by another government entity.



 – Nationally competitive bids

 – Volume discounts attributed to a nationally competitive bid process

 – Eliminates potential bid protests and procurement challenges

 – Streamlines the purchasing process

Contact us to inquire about a cooperative in your state:

    A purchasing cooperative has already completed the competitive bidding process and offers an excellent alternative to standard bidding procedures. This process takes advantage of the  prominence and volume associated with a national contract and provides schools and municipalities with extremely competitive pricing.

    The advantage of a purchasing cooperative is that it eliminates the concern of bid protests, while avoiding the delay and costs associated with the standard bidding procedure.

    “WPS purchased a Sprinturf field using an efficient cooperative contract process, and, in return, received a superior product and quality customer service without the time consuming and often complicated procurement process. It exponentially shortened our entire purchase to install timeline. If you want to see the awesome results, give me a call!”
    -Ed Smith, Winchester Public Schools

    Fields we’ve built with cooperative partners: