Letter from the President Regarding Coronavirus

Posted at 9:29 pm, March 17, 2020 in News by sprinturfAdmin

In these extraordinary and unprecedented times, Sprinturf remains open for business and focused on our mission to safely provide a world class product with industry leading service.  We are blessed to be a 100% American company and not dependent on an international supply chain.  Our priority is the safety and health of our employees.  To that end, we have already implemented CDC and WHO guidelines around facility cleaning, personal hygiene, checking employees for fever, and other best practices.

With the latest developments, it is now prudent to enforce additional social distancing measures in our manufacturing plants and corporate offices to safeguard our employees.  As a result, we will be introducing a rotating schedule that reduces the number of employees present at any one time.  Our goal is that these actions are invisible to the customer, however there may be an impact on plant capacity and customer communications as we implement these actions.  We ask that you bear with us as we focus on the safety of our employees.

If you are currently working to finalize a contract or finalize an installation time slot, we ask that you return all submittals and documents within the next 7 days so that we can get you on the calendar and reserve plant capacity for your job.  Our intent is to mitigate any potential schedule impact for all existing contracts.

If you are considering your options to effectively complete your turf project this year, please know this:

  • It is likely that industry capacity on the whole will be reduced, as most turf suppliers (other than Sprinturf) are dependent on international supply chains that are in turmoil
  • As the only 100% American turf manufacturer, we are not beholden to complex international logistics, quarantines or international travel bans and are the only turf company that can remove international supply chain risks as a project risk
  • Sprinturf’s domestic supply chain is fully stocked and prepared, with no interruptions anticipated, even in this chaotic environment.
  • With the market uncertainty, our schedule is filling up quickly, especially with our total capacity reduced out of consideration for the safety of our people. We would very much like to accommodate you in our 2020 schedule, but time is of the essence.

As we learn more about the coronavirus, we will continue to evolve our operations to ensure the safety of our people and minimize the impact on operations.  Sprinturf is committed to working and communicating with our customers to ensure we navigate this unprecedented time together.

If you have additional questions, please contact your local Sprinturf representative who is available to answer your questions and concerns.  Please be safe and stay healthy.


-Justin Reddy, President of Sprinturf

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