What is the Sprinturf Natural series?

Sprinturf Natural is a culmination of the experience, methodology, challenges and lessons gained from a full generation of Sprinturf’s leadership in the synthetic turf industry since 1998. Our next generation of successes will be established by our GEN 2 philosophy. GEN 2 will build on our history and knowledge to establish the benchmark for the future of the turf industry as a leader in environmental stewardship. Sprinturf Natural provides proven solutions for heat reduction, abrasion, aesthetics, disposal cost and overall safety that the first generation of turf did not address. The Sprinturf Natural turf & organic infill system specifications were developed by mandate to provide the best performing, most durable and safest natural “grass-like” sports playing fields. This GEN 2 innovation changes the game by combining the most advanced Sprinturf technology with Greenplay Organics, the industry leader of natural infill sciences.

The REPLAY Synthetic Turf System

A life-cycle multiplier with true sustainability for existing fields scheduled for replacement. Field 2 Field™ infill repurposing topped with a fresh layer of Greenplay organic infill to provide a natural playing surface. The resiliency and durability of the recycled rubber/sand infill layer encapsulated below the layer Greenplay is efficiently utilized for available performance.

This value-engineered design reduces both the cost and the carbon footprint of the new field installation by eliminating the need for removal and transport of 80-100 tons of infill from the site to the waste disposal facility. The infill is carefully extracted during the field removal process and installed into the new field as the ballast below the top layer of Greenplay.

This system truly moves the past into the future. It provides a full-spectrum of safety and
performance benefits with or without a shock pad.

The GREENSPORT RS Synthetic Turf System

The GreenSport RS™ system provides the best of both worlds. The safety and consistency of a Sprinturf® rubber/sand infill system, with the natural grass performance characteristics, enhanced aesthetics
and heat reduction benefits of GreenPlay®. GreenSport RS is environmentally friendly, sustainable, and fully recyclable. The rubber/sand infill base of the GreenSport RS ensures the highest levels of player safety, performance and system longevity.

The combination of coconut fibers and cork in the GreenPlay helps to minimize float and virtually eliminate infill fly out (a significant issue with straight cork or pine particle infills). The GreenPlay also provides
significant heat reduction benefits that are comparable to a natural grass playing surface. The composition of the GreenPlay works to retain moisture that provides prolonged temperature reduction compared to other organic infills.

GreenSport RS, the economical, environmentally safe, high performance, organic turf system that checks all the boxes!

The PRONATURAL Synthetic Turf System

Establishes the benchmark for an engineered playing surface for unparalleled safety and performance. A full Greenplay system installed over a 23mm shock pad that maximizes Critical Fall Height and head injury protection by combining the resiliency of the Greenplay infill with an engineered Pro Play shock pad. Total turf safety is designed deep into the system to protect the athlete while enhancing performance with the true, grass-like characteristics of low abrasion, low G-Max and the lowest possible turf temperatures. Force reduction, vertical deformation, energy restitution and rotational resistance meet or exceed the criteria of the most advanced professional sports turf fields.

There is no better performing athletic playing surface. The ProNatural turf system is thoroughly tested and readily available for schools, stadiums and municipalities.

What is Greenplay®?

Greenplay is a second-generation, specially fortified coconut fiber and cork infill for synthetic turf that is the culmination of over ten years of experience working exclusively with plant-based materials in the USA. Greenplay sole sources the raw materials from pesticide free crops located near our production facility and utilizes a proprietary natural processing method to blend, package and ship in sealed bulk sacks to guaranty quality from the source to the field. Greenplay is a fully proven turf enhancing organic infill for durability and turf heat reduction, with over 60 installations in just the last 3 years. No organic infill has the record and performance that Greenplay has demonstrated.