Greenplay Organic Infill

Greenplay Organic Infill

Greenplay is a naturally blended coconut & cork infill for synthetic turf that enhances overall player safety by providing lower field temperatures, less abrasiveness and increased foot stability. This organic infill option enables turf fields to look, feel and perform like natural grass. This blended infill is successfully utilized in over 60 fields across the US making Greenplay a trusted source for organic infill.

Sprinturf fields that were installed with Greenplay organic infill:

+ Colorado Springs Switchbacks Soccer Team, CO

+ Fessenden School, MA

+ Andover High School , MA

+ Lake Tahoe Community College Soccer Field, CA

+ South Western High School Dual Fields, PA

+ Weaver High School, CT

+ Bennington High School, NE

More information on this product can be found on Greenplay’s Website